Sunday, 16 January 2011

White is my favorite colour

Oh, how I've missed the blogging world this week . How are you ? what have you done lately ?
I've been to Austria this week to ski a little , actually a little more . The view from 3500 m high was spectacular and the number of ski slopes overwhelmed me . It was white wherever I looked.
So, still having the same nice feeling of space and luminosity I made a selection of interior design ideas of how to use white . I advice to use white in at least one of your rooms, if you're that type of person who can keep clean ( I have too many things in my house and I use them all , so I could never have this beautiful looks ) . The white is giving you a peaceful , calm , warm and clean look . It will always extend your space and it will brighten the house. I like in particular the first picture and I would like to have an attic like one in the last photo . Of course the other shots are amazing too . Which one is your fav ?

Retro white bedroom
via Decorology

Dining Room
via Decorology

via Decorology

Weathered wood wall
via Rosenatti

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ivo said...

yeap! would have to agree with you and go with the attic :)