Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wednesday fashion - scarves

Anybody who knows me , can easily confirm that they saw me wearing at least 10 types of scarves. Of course not all in the same time . I love to wear them , combined them with my outfit , just having them in my drawer ...it doesn't matter , I just can't stop buying them . I find them very sexy on a man's body . Uhhh ...excited for the spring to come when the weather is perfect to use scarves .

  1. Mulberry
  2. Alexander McQueen
  3. Diane von Furstenberg
  4. Forever 21 Man
  5. Forever 21 Man


Lucy said...

Agreed! I love the colorful, patterned scarves you featured here. I'm excited for spring when lighter, colorful scarves can be worn.

mihaela said...

thanks for the comment . more to come next . I might start to buy simple , plain colors scarves because I have clothes that are already full of pattern and colors , so it will be too much ...