Thursday, 26 April 2012

Pleaded Skirt on my mind

Everyone knows that this years fashion color trends  are nude and pastel: yellow, mint, light blue and peach. I like mint a lot and surprisingly I started to have a thing for yellow, which I never liked. But that's the beauty of fashion: on one point you might wear something you had it on Not-to-wear list.
Until recently I never thought I will look so good in long and pleated skirts. I already have 5 of them  and I can't stop myself looking for more... They fit with leather jacket, as the first picture ( which is my favorite one) with classic jacket, t-shit or any type of tops... I always add a nice belt to it, preferably one that has a bit of gold in it .. and what I like the most is the feeling you have when you wear it and the texture of the material; is like I fly ... what do you think about this new trend?

Picture from Pinterest