Monday, 31 January 2011

Illustration around us ~1

Hello ! how are you ? ...I just finished my coffee and I quickly opened my computer to share with you my finds . I discovered Etsy one month ago through other blogs and I got lost for hours .
So, this how I found Her : Meandacupofhotchoc . This is her description :
Hi there! I'm Meo, Watinee Paleebut.
I was born and raised in Thailand.
And Illustration is always my passion.
If you like my works you can visit me sometime at
email me : meandacupofhotchocolate [!at]

What o you think about her work?

$1 Brand

How to Make a Designer Handbag with $1 Worth of Supplies

Designed by Design Shimmer

Sunday, 30 January 2011

joojooland jewelry

I will end up this weekend with showing you this beautiful necklaces and earrings made by JooJoo . Her creations are so delicate and unique . I like them all and it was so hard to select just a few of her precious accessories . Indeed something perfect as a special gift or jewelry for a special night . I will have to attend a wedding ( which I was waiting for a while now) . It will be held in May ( location Cancun, Mexico ) and I started to look for dresses , shoes and accessories .... but because I spent already too much on flight tickets and accommodation , I'll probably stick with things that I already have : a beautiful dress from Liana ( thank you , it's gorgeous ) and my own handmade jewelry . I will still have to buy some sandals ...uhhh shopping ..hehe ..
Which is your favorite jewelry brand or designer? ...looking forward to hear from you .

Michael Bublé - Hollywood (OFFICIAL Video)

weekend inspiration

summer 054

yellow curtains

small bedroom with canopy bed


1. Katie Blair
4.Gathering Spriggs

Gabbeges and Roses

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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Girl's time

It's Saturday evening and it's time to leave your house work , computer , man and projects behind and call your girlfriends for a night-out. It's time for ourselves , to gossip , to have a drink and dance all night long . At least these are my plans for this evening .
If we think of how women use to have fun a long long time ago... The men were having their private talks and women were taking a walk ,playing cards, dancing , drinking sophisticated cocktails and if it was day time , they were watching men playing my opinion it was more fun .
But , here we are , in 2011 , in a material and speedy world , enjoying ourselves with things that we like the most and trying to keep up with life . Unfortunately I can't go back in time.
How did you spent your Saturday night ?

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Thursday, 27 January 2011

My design

Finally , I could change the layout of the blog with my own creation . Like it? I do . At least for now and I hope that I won't change it soon . It took me some time because Blogger had a problem and lots of people had struggled to replace headers . But , this is it .... simple, cute , elegant and on my style .I wish that this blog will be the beginning of a beautiful friendships and professional success . I'm very excited to come-up with interesting posts and looking forward to receive more comments and to be followed by great people . Surprisingly my blog is pretty watched but very few of you leave comments . So, I invite you all to fallow me and share your opinion.

Men's World

Let's not forget MEN . For a while I wanted to come up with something related with boys interests . I choose to post two of my favorite outfits from Paul Smith collections . Nice, isn't it !

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Pink Attitude

Here and there we all ( women) need some pink around us. Our house will look prettier , cute and girlish. Now I realize that I can't find anything in my house , pink. Probably that's way I post so many thinks related with this colour . As I started this year , it seems that 2011 will be the year of light ,girlish, simple and airy colours . How it will look your 2011 ?

Occasion Fashion

I made this selection inspired by this gorgeous bag from Miss Selfridge . Hope you like it .
1.Dance of the Swans Dress
2.Black Floral Clutch
3.NATIVE MUSIC earrings
If You Like It Ring
5.Retro Pin-Up Faux Snake Platform Pumps

Monday, 24 January 2011

SIA's world

Oh, I'm so happy that tonight I remembered of this amazing store. I found Sia products in Dublin , a while ago and it was love at first sight . I adore all the objects , I wish I could have them in my house and I dream having a store full of this objects . I have some photo frames from this Company , but it's not enough. Look at the pictures and you'll find that the atmosphere is so relaxing , calm , natural , full of life , divine......etc . I remember once when I was in Rome I found a Sia Store in , amazingly, a train station . It was a small store but it was so cute. I just stopped and stare at the window at least 15 minutes without moving my body , till my boyfriend insisted on leaving ( we were running late ). Oh, how wonderful can life be , when you are surrounded by beautiful objects .

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Needing a warm atmospher - when it's cold outside


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Friday, 21 January 2011