Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A little inspiration

Girls , in 2 days the most expected night will come where we can show off a little . We all try to buy or match the most beautiful and glamorous dresses we have . We think in details how we will look , from head to toes . For those who have time to shop or order online we invite you to visit my favorite brands ( for all budgets ) : Bershka , River Ireland , Sradivarius and Zara . I posted just the ones I found quickly and I would like to wear the night to come. Hope you all have fun and dance all night . I know I will !!


River Ireland

River Ireland

Sunday, 26 December 2010

My Christmas decorations

It's my first Christmas when I can decorate my house as I want and our first Christmas Tree . I've made a collage to show you how my house looks like in this period . Everything ( except the Santa ) is handmade . I feel so great to be surrounded by beauty and tasteful arrangements . I still have long way to get close to what my favorite designers are working , but I'm far from where I've started .

I had a great Christmas night . We gathered all to my house and went to a friend house where we experienced amazing moments . There was 20 people from Romanian Opera singing Christmas Songs. they made my night . They were stunning. I thank you all again . Then we went from house to house till we got home where we all shared a whole night ( till 4:30 am ) laughing and drinking Jagermeister .

Oh, of course you noticed that I've changed my Blog design .. you have to get use to it as I will change it once in few months . This is me , changing my styles , home design , way of thinking and so on. I get bored very quickly when it comes to design . Hope you like this version ( its not mine ) and hope next time I'll come with something made 100% by myself ( I don't have time to do it now)

Waiting to hear what you have done for Christmas .

Friday, 24 December 2010

Greeting Card

A card made by my boyfriend from us to all of you who read my blog . I hope you have great Holidays and wish you the best!!!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Dinner - Ideas

Tomorrow is Christmas Night , when everybody is visiting their relatives , friends or stay home with their families . Saturday , people expect guests cumming over for dinner/lunch and we're all so stress to make the best out of everything . We decorate the house , we cook special food , we arrange a beautiful table , because Christmas is that moment when we all eat , sign , chat and laugh . For those who want to have a spectacular dinner table , I quickly found some very nice arrangement which it might inspire you . As you can tell I tried to post some designs for different tastes : simple and cute , rustic and reach , elegance and contemporaneous.
I probably won't have time to write again till Christmas , so , I wish you all a joyful Christmas near your loved ones , full of laugh and happiness !!!!

little party
via Dora iz Londona

via designace30


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Accessories with Style

I love and I make jeweleries . They are indispensable for women wardrobe .
I would like to introduce you today to a very talented Romanian Designer under the name of Bohemian Sin who is capable to create original , stylish and feminine accessories . She combines different type of styles : Victorian , Modern , vintage , feminine and powerful. You can find at least a dozen of necklaces or bracelets on your taste . I admire her talent and I find her blog very inspiring. Hope you find it too.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas Inspiration

Sorry but I really do not know the artists ( via Flickr ) . For those who recognize this pictures , please feel free to tell me and I'll post your name ...thanks xx

Few days till Christmas weekend

Hello , hello !!! I haven't posted anything for a week because it was crazy busy . Job, taking care of my grandmother , making accessories and Christmas decorations , organizing my Boyfriend Birthday Party , shopping , cooking , cleaning and the list continues . I do all this things because I want to and there's nobody else to do it in my place . Do not think that I'm complaining , no ,I just want to give you an example of my everyday life . I haven't had a relaxing-doing nothing weekend for a long long time . I realized that something got into my mind and I panic when I spend few hours doing nothing . I feel that this is the right period when you can do something for yourself and life is to short to be wasted . Everything that is left behind are your memories . So , I CREATE MEMORIES !! And I advice you to do the same . Do not let a single day to passed without doing something for yourself or for others .

Pretty soon Christmas is knocking on our doors and then the New Years Eve will come . In this period everybody is making shopping list or wishing list ( I find this type of people very materialistic ) . I won't ask for presents , I want to make a list of things that I have already .It's the first year when I really do not know what I would like to get for Christmas . I feel fulfilled.
This is what makes me feel this way and I have to thank you all for making me feel it :

1. I have a great job and beautiful colleagues
2. I have a healthy family with whom I get along so well ( with insignificant exceptions )
3. I have a boyfriend who loves me , respects me , listen to me and helps me a lot
4. I adore and I consider them my good friends, my boyfriend's family
5. I have around me all the time lots for friends with whom we laugh , we go out at least once a week , play poker, eat at my place etc
6. I'm more relaxed and I'm starting to find my balance
7. I have a beautiful house ( very close to what I dreamed )

and the list could continue ....

Santa .... my wish for this year is to have a lovely Christmas night with our friends and a joyful Christmas dinner .

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Me ( Sunny Side Up /HappyDeco Boutique ) , Gabriela ( Accesorii Handmade si Machiaj profesional ) and Evelyn ( Adventure in Winter Wonderland ) invite you all those from Cluj ( Romania ) to Autentic Bazar .

See you there !!!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Paper Art

Navidad en verde agua y celestes



Etiquetas navideñas

I will show you today one of my favorites paper-cut graphic designer . I found her on Flickr and it blooms my mind . Her name is Patricia Pascovich and you find her under the name of:Papersome . I love how she combine's colors with paper texture . I like everything what she does and she fascinates me with her imagination .

Like it?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Dalai Lama - self-centered attitude

"Too much of a self-centered attitude creates mistrust and suspicion in others, which can in turn lead to fear. But if you have more of an open mind, and you cultivate a sense of concern for others' well-being, then, no matter what others' attitudes are, you can keep your inner peace." Dalai Lama

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Today I received some emails from my brother who is in India and I was so happy to hear that he is so excited of everything that happens around him . So I thought it's a good idea to share with you a small part of our collaboration . The picture below was made in Bucuresti in our bohemian house where we both leaved for almost half a year and where we had such a nice time together . The model was found in a Club at a party ...a young girl with a lot of patience . She stood for hours to paint her and try to hold still when me and my brother were spinning around her , one with airbrush and one with a brush and time to time with the camera . This was suppose to be an exercise , a sample of what was next to be done ( a series of this type of body painting ) but it end up a nice peace of work . I retouched it very little , believe me .

Cheers for everybody involved in this project !

Thursday, 2 December 2010

I love Vintage !!

I love Vintage in every way : bags , books , pictures , clothes , jewelery, movies , life style ....everything about it .
Some times when I want to enjoy my evening , like now , I just open the Flickr page of one of my favorites collectors of this type of images .The page is named 50'sfan's and its full of beautiful amazing pictures with stunning women . Just look and them ....aren't they gorgeous , feminine and sensual ?They have a beautiful body line and an impeccable make-up . Oh, how I wish I could travel in time and feel how it really was . If someone has this type of machine , please let me know :) .....
I hope you'll have a great weekend as mine will be very very busy .

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Words from Dalai Lama -love

"Our life depends on others so much that at the root of our existence is a fundamental need for love. That is why it is good to cultivate an authentic sense of responsibility and concern for the welfare of others."

Art vs Accessories vs Photography

This next pictures which are breath taking , are found in Anita's Flickr page . This jeweler artist is absolutely amazing . The photos were taken by Adrian Buckmaster and the stylist is Sylvia Holden. They've done a grate job .


I love to watch movies , read books and buy albums of artists which get through so many difficult times in their life , which had the straight to carry on doing what they knew best. There are very inspiring and helpful for me .

Frida is one of this artists that I admire . This pictures were found in a Blog which I never stop looking through it : Pocket Full of Posies.

Only looking at Frida's pictures you can tell by far how deep , original and full of imagination is this woman . Her face is like a canvas full of emotions , symbols and stories . I didn't liked Frida before I saw the movie and then Simona , my best friend told me and showed me some amazing pictures of her . Only few can understand her pictures , but that's good ...I hope you enjoy this picture and find them brilliant and inspiring.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Long before the...

Women mind is made to "work"long before it's time . We all think of events that are way somewhere in the future or we plan everything in details with a month in advance..... and usually when the expected day arrives we all say : "what I'll do? I'm not ready !!!" ....
Today I was browsing around my favorite Blogs and as usually my attention was captured by CellarDorr post regarding some very nice selections from ZARA . First thing that stroke my mind was : This are perfect for New Years Eve Party !!! a should definitely have to think of what I will wear for that party.
Last evening I had such a good time with my friends ( like always ) and one of the subjects highlighted was about what should we do for New Years Eve . this year , because of the budget, weather and exhaustion we all would like to spend a nice evening together in a nice place , wearing posh dresses , eat fancy salads and drink cocktails .

I can't predict what the next month will bring us , but I'm more than happy to have this beautiful , funny and lovely friends near me ; and I'm pretty sure that we'll all have a great time planning of what will be .

Words from Dalai Lama -compassionate mind

"The compassionate mind is very important. Fear, anger, jealousy are based on a self-centered attitude. By developing a sense of caring for others' well-being your heart automatically opens and that brings transparency, straightforwardness and honesty, which leads to friendship. We are social animals, and one individual...'s survival relies entirely on the rest of the community."