Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Happy Decor Boutique

 I can't believe that I'm writing this post from my shop. I'm happier than ever and I'm very nervous. Things turned very good: the opening was a success, except my clumsy speech, the products came in time and they look great; and the windows are so pretty. I had my family and friends close. They made my day perfect in every way.
It's so strange to be used to see your dreams only in your mind and suddenly it's real. I have this feeling that everything is so familiar, as if I had this shop for a long time. I was surprised of so many amazing massages on Facebook and I feel  great to see the reaction of those who visit my store. I still have to add some shelves here and there, to fill some corners or hang more paintings on the wall, but I have plenty of time to do it from now on.
I will post more picture soon, better ones this time (this were taken in hurry and some made by my boyfriend). Till next time, I wish you a great week as mine started very good.

Monday, 10 October 2011


 I spent a lot of time lately trying to find products I could bring into my store. And ZGallerie is one of those companies I wish I could afford to have. Probably in the future, at least I hope so.  They are so perfect and they can definitely change the look of your home. They are simple and in the same time sophisticated. The first one is my favorite and it could look so chic in my hallway on my white mini bookshelves and cream painted wall. I have prepared a beautiful surprise soon ( not yet sure when) for those who will visit my wonderful Boutique. I hope I made you interested. Have a nice Tuesday. xoxoxox

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Artist in his studio

I never considered myself an artist, but I'm attracted to the feeling of being one. After a long break, I rediscovered the lovely smell of oil paint, the thrill of playing with the colors and the sensation beyond description of what comes with it.. Oh, how I missed this moments and it's so damn good to be able to do it again. I could live without creating (not for a long time), but it wouldn't be as half as intensive, fun and exciting . I wish I could just close myself in a studio, turn on the music, take my brushes and pallet, and forget about modern life. Unfortunately, we have to earn some money to be able to survive. This was the main struggle of many artists during history.
But I really really hope that from now on I will be able to do that once in a while.
Till next time: I hope that you, my dear reader, will have the chance to do what you really like, even if it will be for a short period. Have a lovely Sunday and a easy week.xoxox