Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fashion Inspiration

For a woman there's always a problem when it comes to get dress. We have a lot of clothes , but we still spend hours deciding what to wear and in the end your still not very satisfied of your decision .

I have an advice : keep it simple , use light colours and choose just one/two accessorizes. I post some, maybe , inspiring shots from Adorevintage page . It might not be your style but you can easily adept it to yours .

Hairstyle Inspiration

When photography and hairstyle are hand in hand , they make : magic !!!!! I found this pictures on Flickr ( Stylecunt)

illustrative world

(source : DeviantArt )

I was and I'm still surprised how fast the technology and human abilities can evolve . It's so hard to keep up with this masters of manipulation. I love the story behind and the images that compose this illustrative world . They are amazing !! isn't it ?

Sunday, 26 September 2010

More images selected from websites , blogs and other source. Sorry , but I don't remember the photographer nor the origin .
Phew!!! what a weekend . It just happened to be a lovely weather and my father , my boyfriend and I went for a long walk in the deep mountains . It was so go to be back in the nature , after weeks spent in front of my computer . I recharged my battery for a full week . Nothing else can give you more energy than some physical effort in the nature ( sea , forest , field , lacks etc) . I was raised with this pleasure of enjoying the fresh air and the ambition of climbing . Last few years I lost this connection between me and urban . Now, with this come-back , I realized how much I missed the wild landscape and also how much we need this to be able to feel free and healthy .

Next weekend , no matter what just try it yourself . Believe me , you're going to feel great .

(via DeviantArt )

Thursday, 23 September 2010

This time I will share with you some brilliant shots . I found them on Deviantart long time ago .

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

After working on my own Blog , which I really like .. do you like it? I do , a lot and I'm very happy that I've finally found my own design , inspired by the colors choose for my flat walls ; I came across an absolutely gorgeous website . Check this out Freya . Its just so original and joyful .An insertion of illustration and text made perfectly . I couldn't stop myself grazing through it .

Wedding Cakes

I have a new lovely and cherished friend who shares her life between music and bakery . She is teaching music in one city and she owns a big pastry shop in another city . She is designing wedding cakes and that's how I came up with the idea of helping her with fresh ideas . I looked through one of my favorite blogs "Once Wed " and I choose this lovely cakes . You never know, one day you might have your own wedding cake and you'll find this page inspiring .

Sunday, 19 September 2010

As usual I was lost in one of the best blogs I've ever seen Decor8 and I couldn't stop myself posting on my blog this amazing pictures . Their are so inspiring and full of personality . I wish I could see more houses in Romania with a real style . I hope the new generation will bring more colour and boldness in their houses . I address this call to my Romanian generation who have this amazing unlimited inspiration called Internet . I suggest them to try and take a close look at how they decorate their houses and have the courage to ask for more beauty around them. Believe me , it will make you feel better . Since I've redecorated my flat I feel great . My whole mood is changed and I enjoy my everyday life a bit more different .

You don't have to spend money or change everything . You just have to add some colours , wallpapers or paintings . Get inspired and DO IT !!

To have a house it's all about the Terrace .It's the best place where you can totally relax and enjoy a book , a cup of tea/coffee ,or just a sunny day with your loved one . The posts that I've pulled out from thousands of interior design pictures , unique and different of each other , have something in common : simplicity . As you can see you can make your own original terrace just by using wood chairs , a lot of big pillows , or decorated with fresh colourful flowers . Don't forget to keep that Mediterranean look . What can relax you more then a place where you can feel like you're on a holiday ?