Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Frames sets

A friend of mine called today asking me to help her decorate her new flat with some pictures . I was so happy that she thought of me to do that . I am crazy filling-up the house with frames and pictures . My house has so many picture frames and there are still not enough ( the walls are still empty as it is very hard to drive a nail into the them ) . So I quickly tried to found something nice from Flickr , for her to have a look . I found this amazing pictures on moline, catching up slowly's page . I love her settings ; full of life and matching perfectly with the ambient . What do you think ? would you like to have something like this in your house? I hope I'll have time to arrange something similar soon as I have some drawing from some kids which are amazing and I'm sure they will look great on my walls .

Happy art wall

Blue studio wall


Happy Yellow corner

redoing the bathroom/laundry room

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