Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I want to ride a bicycle

It doesn't matter how much the world evolves and how different the cars can look , a bicycle is still a bicycle and it's fun to ride , of course in a save environment . I love them and I find them so funny , cute , helpful , easy to use and very very cheap .... I've been to Amsterdam and it was so nice to see so many people using them . The streets were full of bikes . They even changed their purpose : you can use them as plants racks , or just as decorative object ... in America I've seen the craziest way of designing them. If only Romania could be a save country to ride a bicycle . If you want to get killed just buy a bike :) . I hope that one day I'll have my pretty flower-power bicycle and have a nice stroll into the wild where the air is breathable . Vita Bella !!

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Bicycle Planter
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Lady with a bicycle
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Lovely, lovely, lovely!
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Simple and beautiful look
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