Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Eddie Ochoa -Brownboots

3 years ago I discovered the never ending source of inspiration ( like Flickr , Blog and others ) named : DeviantArt . This page has millions of viewers everyday and lots and lots of good artists . I have my own page Mihaela8 . I use to look for new talented artists almost every day , but those times are gone as I have a job and I started to blog . But, from time to time I like to be in touch with my old habits and to have a look and see what direction art is taking . The artist shown today is incredibly interesting , original and powerful. I like his style a lot . His combination of colors , lines, symbols and metaphoric elements "lives me with my mouth open",it amazes me. His name is Eddie Ochoa and you find it as ~brownboots .

Waiting for comments if you would like to live one .

Have a lovely day !

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