Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Words from Dalai Lama -love

"Our life depends on others so much that at the root of our existence is a fundamental need for love. That is why it is good to cultivate an authentic sense of responsibility and concern for the welfare of others."

Art vs Accessories vs Photography

This next pictures which are breath taking , are found in Anita's Flickr page . This jeweler artist is absolutely amazing . The photos were taken by Adrian Buckmaster and the stylist is Sylvia Holden. They've done a grate job .


I love to watch movies , read books and buy albums of artists which get through so many difficult times in their life , which had the straight to carry on doing what they knew best. There are very inspiring and helpful for me .

Frida is one of this artists that I admire . This pictures were found in a Blog which I never stop looking through it : Pocket Full of Posies.

Only looking at Frida's pictures you can tell by far how deep , original and full of imagination is this woman . Her face is like a canvas full of emotions , symbols and stories . I didn't liked Frida before I saw the movie and then Simona , my best friend told me and showed me some amazing pictures of her . Only few can understand her pictures , but that's good ...I hope you enjoy this picture and find them brilliant and inspiring.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Long before the...

Women mind is made to "work"long before it's time . We all think of events that are way somewhere in the future or we plan everything in details with a month in advance..... and usually when the expected day arrives we all say : "what I'll do? I'm not ready !!!" ....
Today I was browsing around my favorite Blogs and as usually my attention was captured by CellarDorr post regarding some very nice selections from ZARA . First thing that stroke my mind was : This are perfect for New Years Eve Party !!! a should definitely have to think of what I will wear for that party.
Last evening I had such a good time with my friends ( like always ) and one of the subjects highlighted was about what should we do for New Years Eve . this year , because of the budget, weather and exhaustion we all would like to spend a nice evening together in a nice place , wearing posh dresses , eat fancy salads and drink cocktails .

I can't predict what the next month will bring us , but I'm more than happy to have this beautiful , funny and lovely friends near me ; and I'm pretty sure that we'll all have a great time planning of what will be .

Words from Dalai Lama -compassionate mind

"The compassionate mind is very important. Fear, anger, jealousy are based on a self-centered attitude. By developing a sense of caring for others' well-being your heart automatically opens and that brings transparency, straightforwardness and honesty, which leads to friendship. We are social animals, and one individual...'s survival relies entirely on the rest of the community."

Thursday, 25 November 2010


I started this day just happy in every way . It's snowing !!!!!!!!!! yuppie .... its so beautiful to see everything white and just now you can say and feel : Here comes Christmas !!! I woke up and I went directly to the window and I couldn't believe my eyes . Then my boyfriend started to sing Christmas Romanian songs ;it was so funny . As usual I turned on the TV , laugh at one of my favorite morning shows and quickly , before I started to work , I opened my Blog and shared my happiness with you my great friends .

A list of things I'll do today to bring the spirit of Christmas in my home :

1. Listen all day Frank Sinatra
2. Buy few Christmas decorations
3. Cook a dessert with all those ingredients which we use only for holiday celebration

I even changed my Blog design as you can see . Like it?

I'm looking forward to hear how did you enjoyed this "Beginning of Winter" Day .

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Words from Dalai Lama

I'm a huge fan of Dalai Lama and I read everything that his Holiness writes or is related with him. I would like to share with you, occasionally , some messages from him and hope it will help you , as it does every day for me .
Just let your mind free of any prejudice or Ego thoughts . You will learn to be more wised , relaxed , joyful and it will help you cope easily with all around you .

Dalai Lama:

"If you have peace of mind, when you meet with problems and difficulties they won’t disturb your inner peace. You’ll be able to employ your human intelligence more effectively. But, if your mental state is disturbed, full of emotion, it is very difficult to cope with problems, because the mind that is full of emotion is... biased, unable to see reality. So whatever you do will be unrealistic and naturally fail."

Monday, 22 November 2010

Recipe for a Christmas feeling

Lately I'm impressed of how good I cook and how much diversity of recipes I come up with . I'm working from home and I have to wait for my boyfriend with something good to eat . Its my little treat after a hard working day for him and a full day of lots to do for me . I do not want to impress , I just make a point : anybody can cook .
Sometimes I love to cook something that reminds me of my childhood . And one day , with a felling of having Christmas closer to us , I decided to make this wonderful and easy made fruit compote .

This was my father's specialty after coming back from a beautiful day of skiing or staying home when it used to snow outside too hard to be able to take our car and run into the wild .

Its very very easy to make and it can be taken as a simple drink or as a dessert.


Recipe :

Think happy thoughts .
Turn of the radio or put your favorite songs .
Only then you can really start cooking .

Put sugar into a pot , let it melt just a little . Add water and let it boil.
Clean , cut and add to the boiling water : apples , oranges ,lemon , grapefruit and clementines .
Add 2 tea spoons of cinnamon and let it boil for 10 minutes .

Do not let fruits to boil to much as they will get smashed .

My secret is to add some other fruit compote ( sherry compote made by my mom ) which gives a delicious aroma .

I usually prefer it cold . You can take it as you wish ......

Happy to hear that you've tried to make it and find it lovely .

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Christmas Celebration

Officially/Unofficially the winter spirit "should be " here . Despite the warm temperature , which is abnormal in this time of the year (there are 20 `C and should be 3`C) we still looking forward to buy Christmas decoration , drink hot wine with cinnamon and eat clementine/oranges .

I just love Christmas when all the family gathers , when you by presents and receive them , when you decorate your house and listen to Frank Sinatra's songs .

This year I'll try to make my own decorations so I both beautiful materials , buttons , ribbons
and lots of other little objects to stitch on them . I'm so excited to have some free day to make them and to see how they will look on the Christmas tree.

I hope this celebration will make you feel special , loved by family/friends and joyful.

Monday, 15 November 2010

After a brilliant and full weekend

Things happened this weekend which made me think how fool and blind I became lately because of some events that captured my attention and surrounded me like a fog full of bad taste of fake ugly people . Unfortunately , you can't avoid this parts of life which are more and more visible , but you definitely can reduce them and increase the number of cherished moments . I had such a good time and met so many beautiful people from whom I learned to take life less serious and have more fun .

Nothing is accidental !!! things happen for a big reason : to learn something from them !! and if you find yourself in the position of wounder : Why me? or Why do I have to endure the same problems ? ...... because you haven't learned anything from it . So , try and find the lesson which makes you wiser and every time there's a obstacle in front of you , think of doing the opposite way as last time .

Also do not forget that "we are shaped by our thought " . Take it easy and make your life more simple , be surrounded by amazing people and laugh a lot .

And after that , if this things won't happened than ask yourself : what did I do wrong?

Beauty is not something that you can buy or you can put some clothes on you and boom you are somebody else . The ugliness of a person can't be covered by make-up . Everybody can see you who you really are and only some can appreciate that .

Everything can change if you change yourself in a better person . Starting now !!!

I made a small selection of wise word for you . Hope it will help .

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Black inspiration

People are afraid to insert black in their houses . Very few have the guts to paint a wall in black or decorate the rooms with black objects .
Today I wanted to show you how good it can look the black accents in your living space. Black is elegant, very graphic and easy to match . All the other colors stand out when you are using them in combination with black . So, do not be afraid to use it wisely .

Sunday, 7 November 2010

My own Boutique

Finally I created my other blog for those who wish to buy my accessories . There will be different types of objects : accessories , decorations , painting , photos , cards and the list will continue , I hope so . So , please click on HappyDeco Boutique and hope you'll find something interesting .Unfortunately, for now only Romanians will be able to buy them . I hope future will bring good news .

Enjoy and hope you like my little thinks .

My accessories

Lately I was very inspired by so many artists and craft designers and I came up with this pretty and delicate collection . You can add them to a simple dress , bag or just put them in your hair .

Soon on sale on my new Blog .


I'm not a connoisseur of Fashion designers , but I'm a big fun of unforgotten Alexander McQueen . This collation found this morning its just fabulous .I was looking for this type of style for a while , but I never thought I will find it made in such a exclusive way . Its a combination of geometry with elegance and vintage . McQueen knew how to make a woman so feminine and so powerful in the same time . I will post more soon .