Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wood Essence

To have a house with wood furniture or decorations is like adding a soul to it, you bring it alive. It gives you a great feeling of warm atmosphere. The wood is telling you a story and it can bring you in time. I'm looking forward to find an affordable vintage chair to complete my house decoration. Of course my hart beats hard when I see a wooden desk. What kind of wood accessories would you like to have in your house?

Communication Center
{Candi Mandi }

rug photo shooting
{ Gudy Herder }

salón ecléctico
{ Gudy Herder }

who knew bathrooms could look so good?
{ Paperstitch }

Serafina's nursery is complete!
{ Lerkaj }

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Looking promising

{made by "Victor"}

Hello, how was your week? Mine was pretty busy and full of joy and things that needed to be done. As I mentioned in the previews email, I made a promise that I should "clean up" my life. So, I started with a mass movement of cleaning my flat. Me, my boyfriend and my parents we had one goal "to wash, mope, wipe etc. everything that came in our way". My mom and I we were the only one taking it father was the conductor who was never listen and my boyfriend was trying to keep up with lifting and taking things out of our way. After a full day in this rhythm we finally came to an end. My flat looks polished. I feel great. Spring is hear so I can easily open the windows and breathe "fresh air" ( it's too much to call it fresh air because instantly the dust is back as soon as you open the balcony doors or windows; but the intention is what matters). Of course I made a selection of things I do not need. What I will do with them, I'm not sure ( some I sold already to a friend, thank you friend ) and some I will post on my other Blog hopping someone will want to buy them ( they are in good conditions ) or wait for the "old clothes" Fairs in April.
The project it's still on and happy to see I take it serious. I posted o picture of mine, made few hours ago in town, going for a nice walk and meeting some friend , as we usually do in weekends.
Hopping you'll be there for me and sustain my cause.
Have a great Sunday and do not forget to be the best you ca be.

Monday, 14 March 2011

My looking-good day

Hello, again!!! It's been a while since you haven't heard from me. As I told you in the previous email, I've been busy with my work and I still am; but I couldn't resist sharing you my joy of having sunny and warm days in Romania. I was looking forward having the chance to wear sun glasses and t-shirts. I've been very inspired lately from Blogs and magazines, regarding how to dress and I bought some nice items for spring and summer. Ohh, as some will know, this is me in the picture. A common girl, trying to be the best person she can be, willing to do her best and trying to become a good example for those around her. I would like you to join me in a journey of transformation. I will start by restyling my wardrobe and paying a better attention to details.
So, in a week the mission "get rid of thing I do not need and do not match" will start. I'll sale, transform or give away all my things that do not look good on me. I'm really excited to see how it will end up. Who wants to join me?