Sunday, 2 January 2011

Review of 2010

Oh my dear friends , it's been a full year for me and I hope the next year , 2011 , will be as brilliant as the one that just past .
I would like to take a moment and remember all the moments which filled my year with memories.
1. I moved from Dublin to Bucuresti where I leaved with my brother for half a year . A period full of new friends , laughter , photo shooting , make-up , Adobe Photoshop and so on
2. Being far away from my boyfriend I decided that its better to move back to Cluj .
3. I accepted a part-time job offer which became a full time job .
4. I traveled twice to England and Ireland
5. We decorated my old flat which became our little Nest where we feel so so good
6. I discovered the Blog which turned out to be an every-day-inspiration
7. I started to design accessories and participate at 2 Fairs which end up been so fun and successful

This are the big things that happened in 2010 and there were so many everyday events which made my life busy . Of course there were some hard days and bad memories , but there were and there always will be present in our life ; I lock them somewhere in my memory as safe as I could and I will keep them there till time will make them vanish . But all in all , I feel so grateful to draw a line and see that the number of good memories is by far bigger that the negative moments .

I really hope that 2011 will bring me at least the same percentages as the last year .Also be able to cope much better with all the problems ahead and improve my life style .
I thank you all for taking your time to read my posts and to leave me comments ; and I wish you all a 2011 full of brilliant memories , good health and wisdom.

till the next post , hope you have a lovely time .

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