Sunday, 30 January 2011

joojooland jewelry

I will end up this weekend with showing you this beautiful necklaces and earrings made by JooJoo . Her creations are so delicate and unique . I like them all and it was so hard to select just a few of her precious accessories . Indeed something perfect as a special gift or jewelry for a special night . I will have to attend a wedding ( which I was waiting for a while now) . It will be held in May ( location Cancun, Mexico ) and I started to look for dresses , shoes and accessories .... but because I spent already too much on flight tickets and accommodation , I'll probably stick with things that I already have : a beautiful dress from Liana ( thank you , it's gorgeous ) and my own handmade jewelry . I will still have to buy some sandals ...uhhh shopping ..hehe ..
Which is your favorite jewelry brand or designer? ...looking forward to hear from you .


JooJoo said...

Thanks a lot for featuring my work in your lovely and neat blog!


Hope you have a great time in Cancun! :)


mihaela said...

thanks a million ...I hope so too ...
love your stuff ..
hope people will buy your beautiful creation because you deserve it , they are adorable

Anonymous said...

wow, these are gorgeous!

mihaela said...

I'm glad you like them ...hope you find inspiring things on my blog