Saturday, 29 January 2011

Girl's time

It's Saturday evening and it's time to leave your house work , computer , man and projects behind and call your girlfriends for a night-out. It's time for ourselves , to gossip , to have a drink and dance all night long . At least these are my plans for this evening .
If we think of how women use to have fun a long long time ago... The men were having their private talks and women were taking a walk ,playing cards, dancing , drinking sophisticated cocktails and if it was day time , they were watching men playing my opinion it was more fun .
But , here we are , in 2011 , in a material and speedy world , enjoying ourselves with things that we like the most and trying to keep up with life . Unfortunately I can't go back in time.
How did you spent your Saturday night ?

via { Elena-lu }

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