Thursday, 24 January 2013

CATALINA ESTRADA - more than a wallpaper

“I love colors and shapes and if I have a choice I want to make them beautiful.”
  Catalina Estrada is one of those artists who brings home accessories to another level. What she does it's called art in all it's meaning. The color pallet is amazing, the illustrations are complex and as you can see, her favorite theme is nature. My words can't describe her designs, but the images can.
Few words about her :

"Unconditional lover of nature. Passionate about colors. Fascinated by textures, details, shapes and beauty. Such is Catalina Estrada, Colombian illustrator based in Barcelona since 1999 who has managed to reinterpret the Latin American folklore with its original strength to make it bloom in deep harmony and simplicity. Her impressive and cheerful visual language, infectiously optimistic, with thousands of colors, and with all the power of nature, goes beyond borders."

So, I leave you to enjoy her website and congratulate those who have her products.

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