Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A N T H R O P O L O G I E - shop design

 Hello hello , after more than 3 month! It's been a while since I posted my last article. I have to admit: I haven't been in the mood to wright and I was indeed busy. But, here I am, back on track, looking forward to get back into blogging. For those who already are familiar with my blog, they should know by now how many times I have changed the concept of this blog... too many time. Sorry, this is me: making lots of things and undecided all the time.
It's time to change this too :D ... what I will do? I will come back to the main reason of starting this blog in the first place: DESIGN. For those interested in this area, I hope you will find my blog a constant inspiration.
It's 2013 and for me this year it started pretty crazy. Overwhelmed by how many things happened already, but joyfull that, beside many health problems in my family, I have lots of new projects on the run. The biggest:
Re-opening my STORE !!!!!!!! Heyyyyyyyyy... very happy. And not just the opening, but it will be in the same space, which I like a lot and it's intact. I'm still afraid if it will last longer this time, or if I will able to make some money out of it, but the point is that, this time I will do things differently, I will focus more and make it happen. I have so many design projects on my sketchbook, which I will bring them alive this time.
And here I am, awake at 7:00 am, browsing the internet, trying to find some cheap and clever ideas of how should I organize much better my little space. I'm so glad that internet and Pinterest exists ( huge fan of this page) so I can find so easily everything that I'm intereted in. This is how I came across this amazing shop:
ANTHROPOLOGIE . I know about it as a cloths and accessories shop, but I never had the chance to visit one and to see how their stores look like. I'm like: wow !!!!!! I can easily say that it's one of my favorite stores.
Well, what do you think of how original they are. I'm crazy about wood objects and the combination of vintage with new. I'm sure I will have the chance to see one live. 

Till the next post: improve your life, improve yourself !

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