Sunday, 20 January 2013

Black for Bold Interiors

I wonder how many of us had bold ideas but they didn't had the courage to put them in practice? 

I always dreamed of painting my walls in dark gray, but every time I told someone about my plan, they were like: what? are u sure? .... and I wasn't anymore. 
So, I thought that it will be a good idea to make a post which, probably, will give you a bit of nerves to go for it.  And let me tell you this: there's no such thing as bad color; you can use any type of color in your house, but what's most important and what makes it look good, is the way you combine it, in which context and how much .... 
I will dedicate this post to BLACK . If you want that "wow" factor, than I suggest you should try it. Black will give you a dramatic and sophisticated look to your house. If you have large spaces than I advice you should paint an entire wall, or some furniture... but if you have small rooms, than play with decorative objects or home accessories like: light shads, rugs, chairs, pillows, curtains etc.  I will choose to combine it with white, brown (in different shades), peach or green... but if you will pairing it with vibrant and powerful colors it will give a swanky look to your space. 

Till next time, please do not forget to be brave ( but do some research first )!

I'm here if you need any advice in interior design. 







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