Thursday, 17 January 2013

Retail Detail

 Every morning I wake-up around 7:30 and while I enjoy my tea till 9:30 I have time to get lost on Pinterest and different blogs and websites. And because my main focus is my Shop, I had to dedicate another post about shop interiors and share some of my findings. As you can see they are totally different style, but each in its own way, brings something original.
The first one it's a beautiful chaos; as I'll say: a organized mess. It's complex and full of life.Love the black and white diamond shape of the floor, and the see-through pink chest.

 The second one ( the above image ) it's very neat, simple and almost monochrome. What I like a lot is the walls and floor textures and the light. Very original.

 The third it's a classic one. A calm atmosphere with some graphic insertions. Very cute and perfect for a baby products shop. 

And the last, which it's probably the most original, it's very colorful. Very economic , if you think how much furniture they've saved. :D ...

As a conclusion, as a retail designer you will have to find something original, but in harmony with the merchandise. It doesn't have to be crowded, but has to fit a lot of products; and it has to relate with the shop target .  The big challenge will be to fit lots of products in 23 square meters and to make it look great.
Challenge accepted !!!       

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