Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Love turns you upside-down and inside-out by Kaminohana and The Tailor

 It's time for me to talk about my projects and work; and what a better way to begin than showing you my own shop window display of this month.  It's a collaboration between me and a lovely couple ( Adelina and Vlad Sulea ). I met Adelina not long time ago at a Fair and I was amazed by her work. Some know her as: Kaminohana  and she makes this amazing paper flowers in different colors, shapes and size. My favorite ones are the black ones ( you can find them on her website- which, btw is so cool and professional made ) and the cherry-tree branches. After,we met in a bar, I convinced her ( very easily  - just by showing her some pics of my shop ) to fill my windows with her beautiful flowers, we met once and discussed  what we want to do and on the third meeting she came with Vlad who brought the marker with him (he was mastering the art of window drawings). I have to admit that I didn't do much ( few ideas and coordination), but I plan on doing myself the March month display.  All done in 1 hour ... and the result is so nice. Isn't it?!
Now, everybody admires them and stops each time they cross by. It's so nice to watch them how they react.
Seeing them each day, gives me such a nice feeling of spring and joy .
Like them?

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