Saturday, 10 September 2011

Illustrated Books-Gabriella Barouch

I really admire those who still believe in poetry and books. The sensation of holding a book, the smell of paper and ink can't be compared  with reading online. I'm still buying old books although I can't read them ( they are in Russian or German) I still prefer to read classics from my grandmother's library, or to spend time in a antique store. One of the artists I would like to have on my shelf is Gabriella Barouch. She blow me away with her complexity and in the same time-simplicity. Not only that her drawings are amazing but she creates  an interesting infusion of texture, nature elements and creatures of any kind. I like her art a lot.
Till next time: have a lovely weekend and enjoy every second of it.


Anonymous said...

super nice

mihaela said...

thank you xoxox