Sunday, 11 September 2011

Deadly comb- Shabby Chic & Antique

Here I am in UK (Frodsham) enjoying a cup of tea, some peanut butter and listening to BBC 2 who are playing beautiful songs dedicated to those gone on September 11. I can't believe that 10 years have passed since the terrorist attack. Many of you probably already read about it and everybody is talking now, so I leave this subject behind. I would like to share some photos from yesterday. As mentioned in the previews post, I am passionate of Shabby chic and antiques. And when I find them in the same spot, it's hard for me to resist it. 
I really envy British people because they have their entire country filled with beautiful stuff. Every time I come here, I definitely have to buy something. That's way I never bring a lot of money with me, otherwise I will spend them all. This time I was focused in finding nice framed paintings; and of course I bought 4 small ones. There were so many other things which I wanted to have but money and space are an issue for me this time. When I have a craft store just across the street from the antique stores, than I have a big problem - choosing which one is more important. This time I have to supply my studio with craft tools which are so hard to be found in Romania.
Last 2 days were amazingly beautiful: sunny and warm. So I walked a lot, I drank Gin&Tonic in the garden, I fell asleep in a huge hammock and I cooked Chinese; what a life !?! Today some more shopping in Chester, which is a beautiful city. I will take some pictures and posted. I wish you a beautiful Sunday.