Friday, 16 September 2011

Paint on the wall

I love those houses filled with paintings, illustrations or anything that can be framed and look good. It gives to the house a personality and it tells you a lot about the persons in the house. A empty house = empty soul. This is how I see things. All the homes in which I was ( England or Ireland) I saw at least one paint and I wish that could happen in Romania also. That's way I will have a lovely collection in my store just for those of you who love and appreciate a bit of art in their space. I've restarted to paint and I feel great. So, those of you who read my blog- I know that most of you are Romanians - be brave and come visit my shop and let me know what would you like to have on your walls... I can help you choose or make one exactly how you wish. I look forward to see u in October. xoxox

                                                                         {photo bucket}

                                                                       {bright bazaar}

                                                                          {bright bazaar}

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