Thursday, 25 November 2010


I started this day just happy in every way . It's snowing !!!!!!!!!! yuppie .... its so beautiful to see everything white and just now you can say and feel : Here comes Christmas !!! I woke up and I went directly to the window and I couldn't believe my eyes . Then my boyfriend started to sing Christmas Romanian songs ;it was so funny . As usual I turned on the TV , laugh at one of my favorite morning shows and quickly , before I started to work , I opened my Blog and shared my happiness with you my great friends .

A list of things I'll do today to bring the spirit of Christmas in my home :

1. Listen all day Frank Sinatra
2. Buy few Christmas decorations
3. Cook a dessert with all those ingredients which we use only for holiday celebration

I even changed my Blog design as you can see . Like it?

I'm looking forward to hear how did you enjoyed this "Beginning of Winter" Day .

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