Monday, 22 November 2010

Recipe for a Christmas feeling

Lately I'm impressed of how good I cook and how much diversity of recipes I come up with . I'm working from home and I have to wait for my boyfriend with something good to eat . Its my little treat after a hard working day for him and a full day of lots to do for me . I do not want to impress , I just make a point : anybody can cook .
Sometimes I love to cook something that reminds me of my childhood . And one day , with a felling of having Christmas closer to us , I decided to make this wonderful and easy made fruit compote .

This was my father's specialty after coming back from a beautiful day of skiing or staying home when it used to snow outside too hard to be able to take our car and run into the wild .

Its very very easy to make and it can be taken as a simple drink or as a dessert.


Recipe :

Think happy thoughts .
Turn of the radio or put your favorite songs .
Only then you can really start cooking .

Put sugar into a pot , let it melt just a little . Add water and let it boil.
Clean , cut and add to the boiling water : apples , oranges ,lemon , grapefruit and clementines .
Add 2 tea spoons of cinnamon and let it boil for 10 minutes .

Do not let fruits to boil to much as they will get smashed .

My secret is to add some other fruit compote ( sherry compote made by my mom ) which gives a delicious aroma .

I usually prefer it cold . You can take it as you wish ......

Happy to hear that you've tried to make it and find it lovely .


Mina said...

Hey, this recipe would make a better experience if you cook it while you liste Frank Sinatra - A Jolly Christmas, hihi! :-)

mihaela said...

oh yeah...Frank Sinatra is a symbol of the Christmas spirit . thanks for the comment ...