Thursday, 9 December 2010

Paper Art

Navidad en verde agua y celestes



Etiquetas navideñas

I will show you today one of my favorites paper-cut graphic designer . I found her on Flickr and it blooms my mind . Her name is Patricia Pascovich and you find her under the name of:Papersome . I love how she combine's colors with paper texture . I like everything what she does and she fascinates me with her imagination .

Like it?


Papersome said...

Thank you Mihaela! I really appreciate your lovely words.
It's an honor for me be in your blog.
Thank you very much! and nice to meet you!
Hugs from Uruguay!

mihaela said...

the pleasure is mine and looking forward to see more of your inspiring designs ...hugs from Romania

Alice said...

very nice and very inspiring! Are you going to make some paper goods for the fair? I thought about it but I'll stick to my felt obsession for now:D

mihaela said...

no I do not have time to play with paper need a lot of patience, which is missing lately ...I hope will have time and straight to come with some Christmas decoration and accessories ...we should meet this week...hihi kisses