Monday, 20 December 2010

Few days till Christmas weekend

Hello , hello !!! I haven't posted anything for a week because it was crazy busy . Job, taking care of my grandmother , making accessories and Christmas decorations , organizing my Boyfriend Birthday Party , shopping , cooking , cleaning and the list continues . I do all this things because I want to and there's nobody else to do it in my place . Do not think that I'm complaining , no ,I just want to give you an example of my everyday life . I haven't had a relaxing-doing nothing weekend for a long long time . I realized that something got into my mind and I panic when I spend few hours doing nothing . I feel that this is the right period when you can do something for yourself and life is to short to be wasted . Everything that is left behind are your memories . So , I CREATE MEMORIES !! And I advice you to do the same . Do not let a single day to passed without doing something for yourself or for others .

Pretty soon Christmas is knocking on our doors and then the New Years Eve will come . In this period everybody is making shopping list or wishing list ( I find this type of people very materialistic ) . I won't ask for presents , I want to make a list of things that I have already .It's the first year when I really do not know what I would like to get for Christmas . I feel fulfilled.
This is what makes me feel this way and I have to thank you all for making me feel it :

1. I have a great job and beautiful colleagues
2. I have a healthy family with whom I get along so well ( with insignificant exceptions )
3. I have a boyfriend who loves me , respects me , listen to me and helps me a lot
4. I adore and I consider them my good friends, my boyfriend's family
5. I have around me all the time lots for friends with whom we laugh , we go out at least once a week , play poker, eat at my place etc
6. I'm more relaxed and I'm starting to find my balance
7. I have a beautiful house ( very close to what I dreamed )

and the list could continue ....

Santa .... my wish for this year is to have a lovely Christmas night with our friends and a joyful Christmas dinner .


Mina said...

*like* Great post! :)

Mina said...

*Like* Great post! :-)

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