Sunday, 26 December 2010

My Christmas decorations

It's my first Christmas when I can decorate my house as I want and our first Christmas Tree . I've made a collage to show you how my house looks like in this period . Everything ( except the Santa ) is handmade . I feel so great to be surrounded by beauty and tasteful arrangements . I still have long way to get close to what my favorite designers are working , but I'm far from where I've started .

I had a great Christmas night . We gathered all to my house and went to a friend house where we experienced amazing moments . There was 20 people from Romanian Opera singing Christmas Songs. they made my night . They were stunning. I thank you all again . Then we went from house to house till we got home where we all shared a whole night ( till 4:30 am ) laughing and drinking Jagermeister .

Oh, of course you noticed that I've changed my Blog design .. you have to get use to it as I will change it once in few months . This is me , changing my styles , home design , way of thinking and so on. I get bored very quickly when it comes to design . Hope you like this version ( its not mine ) and hope next time I'll come with something made 100% by myself ( I don't have time to do it now)

Waiting to hear what you have done for Christmas .

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Mina said...

... hey, It was such a lovely night! :)