Sunday, 2 September 2012

T h e P u r p o s e


 We all have a purpose in life. 
Mine is : To be the best version of myself . 

My life as changed a lot  in the last 6 mounts: living alone (after 7 years of relationship), moving back into my flat and  deciding to close my shop and open it online. So, here I am living a new lifestyle and facing new experiences. It's not easy to see yourself starting over again, alone this time, but there's always a good part in everything: more than ever I am much more focused of improving myself. 

So starting today, this blog will help me and those who want  to join me, transform my life into a better one. 
From how we think, to how we dress... I will show you that it's possible. If you want a better YOU, than this is the moment when you should start wanting more from yourself and realize that it's up to us how we live.

It took me 3 amazing weeks of backpack traveling to realize how much life has to offer. 
If we have desires, than we shouldn't be afraid of make them real. 
When you see your dreams come true, there's the best feeling ever, then is where you are truly happy.
At least this is how I am/feel.

I want to learn how to take risks, to see all the best parts in the worst situations, I want to be an example, I want to do crazy stuff and be free of all negative emotions. I want to be proud of myself and to be able to control my mind/emotions, and not them controlling me.

I can't afford  to complain and I do not have to blame someone else for my mistakes or failure. 
I want to learn how to trust Life and my own Instincts. 

Welcome to my Journey to a better ME/You!!! 

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