Thursday, 13 September 2012

How to improve your life?

          You will need a lot of time, discipline and patience to be able to find your inside balance. To calm your mind and to feel good about yourself. It's a long road, but I know for sure it worth it. Overall,we do not have to forget about the exterior factors that can help us reach that stage. We need to accept that everything: how we look, how we speak, our ambiance etc...the quality of our life it's a big part in our transformation.
           Some tell us how to feel beautiful by letting go of material life and some teach us how appearance help us feel better. In my opinion we can't separate them. You can tell how a person is inside by how he/she is dress, or how he/she walks, how he/she smiles, what make-up she is using or what books he reads. Everything that we do its a reflection of how we are inside.All our choices is who we are.
            I'm going to use an example of my own experience to explain what I want to say:
When I started to work on my attitude towards everything that surrounds me and to enjoy the beauty of simple things, I felt this need of changing something around me and about me: redecorating my house with brighten colors, using very light make-up, eating much healthy, or listen to a particular type of music...  I knew that this will help me in a way. And it did! I framed some printed quotes reminding me to calm down, or I set-up a special alarm song ( Michael Buble -Feeling Good ) which made my day start with a positive energy ...  I do not know if it makes seance what I say , but when a transformation comes along,  you begin to feel the need of changing things around you.You start to see things in a different way.
           You - it means the inside and the out. 
           Start to improve how you dress, how your house looks, what you eat and surround yourself only with beauty. What I'm trying to say is not: lets go shopping! Although I beleive in shopping therapy if it's not followed by after-guilt; I say: do things wisely.
            I believe in the power of a simple paint/print on the wall which can lift your mood, or wearing a special dress, or lessening a good song.... this is what I believe in :  BEAUTY.  

How and where to start? with simple things which are essential.

 Steps of improving your life:

1. Body effort and all types of exercises will help you gain more energy. It doesn't sound logical, but it is. You will feel another type of fatigue. I suggest you should do it ealry in the morning of afternoon. 

You can  skate, dance, do some yoga, run or ride a bike. Anything you enjoy doing.

2. Eat healthy 

There are so many blogs and websites where you can find out how we should eat. Start reading them. It takes 15-20 minutes. 

3. Take care how you  look

We should definitely think of this!!!

4.  Decorate your office or house with objects you like and make you feel better

I guess that everybody know about this, but how many of us are really taking this serious? Stop making excuses and ask for more from yourself.

If you are on the same page with me, then feel free to add more suggestions or comments. 

Till next time do not forget: discover the beauty of life.


Mina said...

Good advices! :)

mihaela said...

thanks sweetie ... always there for me xxx