Sunday, 2 September 2012


"I care about truth not for truth's sake but for my own." ~ Samuel Butler. 

One of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves is to admit that we are not perfect. We are human and we frequently make mistakes. But when our mistakes affect others, it's important that we do not pretend they never happened, that it doesn't matter, and we must especially be careful not to justify our actions. This serves only to hold us back on the path of spiritual growth and mastery.

Guilt is a heavy burden to carry indeed and we can often drown in it.

Step 10 allows us to ride the spiritual wave from new heights. It allows us to take personal inventory and when wrong promptly admit it. When we admit to the error and take responsibility for it, something powerful begins to manifest within our inner being. The path becomes lighter, easier, and we free our energy to move closer to our Higher Self and Higher Purpose.

Today I summon whatever courage is required of me to stare truth in the face. I develop pride and power by owning my mistakes in the same way I do in owning my achievements. I make amends when I do harm and I enjoy the spiritual high that comes from right action.
source : The 12 step Buddha 

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