Friday, 10 June 2011

A trip to Mexico

If you have the chance to visit Mexico, do it. Don't think about it too much. It's exotic, lots to see and lived by beautiful people. No wonder there are so many Americans ( it's easy for them to get there) get married especially in Cancun. The view is unbelievable. I was lucky to be there and to be part of my best friend's wedding. Perfect combination.
I will try to share some pictures and information for those who have never been there. You never know,they might be helpful one day when you decide to go to Mexico.

We traveled for 2 weeks, but I will say that 10 days are enough to see the best parts of Yucatan Peninsula. Suggestion: do not do it in an American style ( no offense) that would be : to get a all-inclusive will miss all the beauty of Mexico. Two or three days can be enough to enjoy the relaxation and services offered but there are so many incredible places to see . The organized tours might/might not be fun and you can get cheaper if you will find yourself one. I will tell you what we've seen and I can recommend . For sure there are a lot of other places which we've missed.

Believe me, you can do it with a very low budget and to stay in very nice places; with one condition: do not be picky nor obsessed with cleanliness .... there are lots of little lizards all around Mexico, or the air-conditioner will make a terrible noise, or there are very very small animals( I don't know how to call them) on the sinks ...but you just have to ignore them. Anyway, you are out of the Hotel most of your day.
So, with a budget of 400 euros for 2 weeks which included everything , we had

good accommodation ( most of them have swimming pool and double king-size beds)
good food and drinks from local restaurants

stunning placesIsla Mujeres - we took a tour with a Catamaran and it was a fun thing we did ( drinks, music, snorkeling,food, super people on board and relaxing beach )

Cancun beach- white sand, nice hotels and amazing water

Cenotes - definitely you have to go. There are 6 000 underground caves in Mexico with fresh water. There are just WAW. The light it makes the water look incredibly blue.

Merida - Cancun City is not pleasant at all , you should go to Merida to have a nice teats of the Spanish architecture . It's full of culture events and nice parks filled with people.Good place to shop.

Chichen Itza- prepare for a hot day ( the temperature are very high ) and a good walk trough Mayan Civilization. You need a guide to understand the beauty of it.

Tulum- a Mayan City near the beach. What else can be more beautiful than that?

Mayan Riviera ( Playa de Paraiso)- there are tenths of public beaches with white sand and palm-trees. It's a must.

There are lots of activities you can do, like: snorkeling, kayak-canoe, skydiving, scuba-diving, clubbing, shopping and the list could continue .... More money=more things/places to see.

1. take public buses- cheaper and there are very nice
2. always bargain - you can get half percent of almost anything
3. try street food- it's good and very different
4. ask locals where it's the best place to shop or eat
5. communicate with travelers as they know where to go or not
6. change money from banks
7. don't allow the weather stopping you ( one day it was raining like crazy in Cancun and we decided to go to Tulum anyway. Guest what? we had the best time as the sun was shining all day)
8. check for your mobile fees when you call home ( I was shocked to realize how much I had to pay after coming back home)
9. take with you a thermos to have cold water with you all the time
10. never think that you have enough sun-cream protection - high numbers 50-80 ( I was stupid to think that 30 is enough and we got burn - not a very nice experience )

It was an incredible Holiday and I will miss it a lot, but I will look forward for my next destination. I wonder where it will be.

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