Sunday, 26 June 2011

Organizing your Studio

Hello my lovely readers. I know you are reading my blog and I appreciate it ( it's a good feeling to see how many people watch my blog although they do not leave comments;I don't mind..I'll do it for fun anyway ). Today's post will be about how we can organize our studio at home if we are into crafting. This Friday I couldn't stand seeing my messy crafting desk in the living room where all my friends were siting for a drink, and because I'm working from home, staying all day in my bedroom where the walls are painted dark purple, I had to move my working desk somewhere closer to a window; and so I did. I moved my little studio with all my tools, buttons, ribbons etc in my bedroom and my working desk in the living-room. It's much better. So, I though it's a good idea to share some pictures of how others organized their little corners. I dream having a studio like the one above and I know that one day I will have it. For now it's all about space which I don't have, too many things in a little flat..but one day I will have my own room where I can go wild. I realized that it's almost impossible to keep all so shipshape ( they look so good in the picture) but it's so important for each item to have his place so you can know where to put it back. How do you keep your storage?

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Anonymous said...

these pics are so inspirational!

Violette Noble said...

LOVE the old rake holding all the lovely vintage pearls! Great Job!

mihaela said...

so clever isn't it ? .I was so glad to find them as I was looking for some nice ideas for myself .thanks you both