Monday, 13 June 2011

Summer beauty

When it comes to Cooking, summer is the best time to be creative. The food is so colourful,light and differs . I love to cook but I do not have time and money to do it as I wish. But, from time to time I call my friends for a nice Thai or Lebanese dinner. Last night I cooked Mexican food- Tortillas and Totopos with 2 dressings and they enjoyed it very much. It's nice to share some of my experiences and bring them bits of culture from the countries I visit.
I have cooking magazines and books, but I have to admit that I open them very rarely ( main reason is that most of the recipes are made with ingredients which are hard to find in Romania) ..and when I have time, I take the pleasure to have a look on some blogs/flisker's pages with beautiful food photography ( like the ones below from cannelle-vanille's). There are just wow ...
Romanians are lucky to have amazing fruits and vegetables in their garden during summer time ( for those who leave in a village or have relatives living in the a country side) but very few know how to take advantage of.
Which is your favorite type of food/ingredient? what special recipes you make?
I wish you all the best and have a lovely day.
Thanks for reading this.xx

fennel and cherry salad

lemon scented fennel and watercress soup

pink turnips

my food styling & photography workshop registration update


Anda said...

I love parsley and my favourite dish is boiled-o-fried potatoes with cheese and eggs and of course a lot of parsley sprinkled above :)

The recipe is as follows:
-chop onions and fry a little bit
-add boiled potatoes on the onions and let them fry a little bit too
-add two eggs and mix very well so the egg reaches every spot
-when done, sprinkle/grate some cheese (any type) and of course lots of chopped fresh parsley :)

Bon appetite :D

mihaela said...

yummy , I will definitely try it soon.Missing having breakfast together!!!