Friday, 17 September 2010

Thai Noodles

I discovered the Chinese food 3 or 4 years ago when I've been to work in USA . By far it was my favorite food that I've ever tasted , then I had to work in Ireland in a Thai Food Restaurant and it was love at first taste . Since then I dreamed to visit Thailand , specially for their food . I spent a lot of money bringing my own ingredients in Romania and buying cook books .
It's hard to make your own Thai food in Romania . But, with a little effort everything is possible .
So , Wednesday Thailand came into my kitchen .My brother dropped by on his way to Bucharest to have a look how the apartment was decorated.
After a delicious dinner we meet some friend in a very nice Jazz Pub and we had such a good time .

For those who can buy Chinese ingredients I advice you to try this simple and easy to make recipe. For those who are from Cluj and they want to enjoy such an unique dinner they can call me and I will be delighted to prepare this dish for them .

Ingredients :
breast chicken
Mae Ploy sauce
soy sauce
yellow curry paste
coconut milk
salt and pepper

Preparation :
1.marinate the chicken for couple of hours in soy sauce , salt , ginger, Mae ploy sauce

2. stir the chicken and the garlic in an Wok and fry it till is well made

3. put it aside and fry the vegetable

4. separate we pour some soy sauce , curry paste and coconut milk and let it to boil for couple of seconds.
5. stir all the veg and meat in the Wok and let it to boil for few minutes .

6. add the noodles ( which are already boiled separate) and mix them very well
Ready to eat !!! Enjoy !!!

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