Saturday, 11 September 2010

Little Fashion Tips

Lately I forced myself not to leave the house without dressing properly. I used to find different excuses to avoid the stress of finding something nice to wear , or to find some clothes who match . I finish the University of art and I was still spending a lot of time trying to put together in harmony an outfit. All the time , I ended up by wearing the same boring clothes . Same style : none . Jeans with a T-shirt and runners.
I believe in this saying : you are what you wear !! it's totally true . Take a close look at what you have in your drawer and try to make a connection between your features and your clothes . Did you find some similarities ? .......I , did ! I'm not going to give myself as an example but I will say that I was very indecisive and you could tell when you were looking at me . One day I was wearing something elegant , another day I was adopting a vintage style . Frequently, I was assorting two opposite styles which didn't match at all . I said to myself : this should end !

I found in several blogs very useful tips and pictures which helped me creating my one style . Yes, I'm copying others styles, but still I will put my own fingerprints .I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm not original , because I'm not and I'm never going to be . I just want to look good.

If you change , your style changes too. So , be aware what are you buying next , It has to match with what you have already and it should reveal your own personality . And if you still don't know how to put together an outfit , then use the internet and open my blog where you'll find some inspiration , or other blogs which will help you stand out .
Below I posted some very stylish outfits , which are easy to find in stores and not very pricey.
If you don't like it , fine . I will post soon different styles , but I have to tell you that I will put only the ones I like.

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