Sunday, 19 September 2010

As usual I was lost in one of the best blogs I've ever seen Decor8 and I couldn't stop myself posting on my blog this amazing pictures . Their are so inspiring and full of personality . I wish I could see more houses in Romania with a real style . I hope the new generation will bring more colour and boldness in their houses . I address this call to my Romanian generation who have this amazing unlimited inspiration called Internet . I suggest them to try and take a close look at how they decorate their houses and have the courage to ask for more beauty around them. Believe me , it will make you feel better . Since I've redecorated my flat I feel great . My whole mood is changed and I enjoy my everyday life a bit more different .

You don't have to spend money or change everything . You just have to add some colours , wallpapers or paintings . Get inspired and DO IT !!

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