Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Poet I met- Pat Ingoldsby

A sharp, angular bony little lady 
was reading a book on the bus
all the way into town.
Fierce concentration 
and a tight mouth.
It was called- Give Yourself
A Spiritual Life Every Day.
She didn't look the slightest bit
more lifted when we got there.

This is how  Pat Ingoldsby starts his new series of poems from his new book. I'm not a poetry type, but for so many reasons, which you will discover soon, he captured my attention. He is interesting in every way, eccentric and complex. He sales his books on the street, and not because he doesn't have any other, not at all. He could have money, fame and success..but he didn't wanted. He prefers to be free of any king of rules, organizations or society. His poems are everything that he is: thoughts, everyday experiences, dreams, past, present and future. It definitely lifts a bit  my mood. I lived in Dublin for one year and this is how I met him. We were neighbors and he is one of the best friends ( if I can say this) to my boyfriend's parents.
I will try the show to the  whole world what a brilliant poet lives in Dublin. So, if you have the chance to visit the Ireland capital, just say hello to Pat from me and buy his book. You will make him very happy.

PS: On Wednesday I was talking about Pat with Liana (my boyfriends mother) and after 1 minute I received a letter. It was a postcard from Pat with Good Luck and few words from his heart. I can't tell you how happy I was.And the second day, it was for the first time when I heard Pat's voice on the phone. I know him a bit and I know how a big deal this is. 

So hope you will enjoy his poems and leave some comments for him, so I can transmit them. 
Till next time: be happy making small things.

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