Saturday, 12 November 2011

I had a pretty amazing week. Starting with OK sales and very nice people whom visited my store, then an appearance in another blog, hosting another article and having a good time with my friends. What else can I ask? ... I wanted to share with you this incredible feeling of reading about yourself in another blog. I really cried a bit. For years I've been reading about how others started with blogging and then becoming one of the very  known designers, or opened their own store ..etc .. and here I am reading about me, as if I was reading about another person who I can easily admire. One of my wishes lately is to be a good example for others. I started to see that people really appreciate what I do, some tell me how they wish to be me, family and friends are proud of me. I am overwealed by how my life is, but I know how much effort I put to have it like this. Nothing comes without hard work and discipline.
I have to thank Kittenhood  ( Daria) for writing such a nice article about my shop and making my days filled with happy tears. So, Thank you Daria .


Anonymous said...

thank you for bringing such a pretty shop in town!

mihaela said...

you're welcome.. I'm so glad I had the opportunity and guts to do it ..