Saturday, 19 November 2011

My world

 Here we are again, Sunday. How was your week? Mine was pretty busy. The shop is going better and better. I started to deliver in other cities also and  I had yesterday a helping-hand from Laura. She just came one day and ask me if I accept voluntary work. Why not?
Since I started this business the days are passing  so quickly. I said I should share some photos of this lovely place where I spend almost 10 hours a day. Soon the Christmas will be here and I'm so looking forward. I'm excited to design my shopwindows with Christmas tree and presents. I know that my home Christmas tree will be gold and silver.. but I do not have a clue how this one will look. I'm sure it will look lovely consider that I will fill it with Christmas decorations from my shop.
The weather is starting to be so wintry and for the last 2 days a dense fog makes the city disappear.The trees are all white and the streets are empty. Looks interesting. Pretty bad I don't have time to take some pictures.
It might be a bit early but I want to hear from you if you thought about this Christmas? Mine will be a creazy one. New house, few hours in the shop and probably a family dinner with my/boyfriend's family. For sure it will be a special one.
Wish you all  the best and good luck in everything you do.

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