Friday, 8 April 2011

My work- illustrations

I decided to show you some illustration I've made lately for a friend . She just moved in a new flat and she asked me to fill her rooms with Paintings and illustrations. I was so happy to do it as I was waiting for a cause to bring alive my ideas. They are different styles because they suppose to be hanged in different rooms: kitchen, dining-room or livingroom. I'm in a period of light, fluid colours so it was a little hard to came-up with what she wished for: bold colours. All in all she was very happy with the results and so am I. I never made this type of illustration, so I was a bit surprised to see how good they look. It's all about having the paint/illustration already in your head and then you'll be satisfied with your work; when I start a paint without knowing what I want, I will change it at least 3 times in till something comes up better wait longer till the idea will rise then hurry things and give-up in the end.
Which one is your favorite? mine is the one with tea-cups and "Home".

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