Friday, 1 April 2011

Cars and the way it influences your life

My parents left me their old car which it has at least 20 years already and let me tell you something: it doesn't look that bad after we gave her a make-over. Since we have this car we laugh every time we drive it. We make fun of the moments when it makes strange noises or when we start it and makes the entire neighborhood disappear in a big fog.Lucky my boyfriend goes to the gym so he can spin the wheel . It smells, it's huge and old etc ...but it's so much fun to drive it. This car which we call it "Batmobile" created unique moments which we will never replace or forget. I'm 99.9% sure that if we had a brand new car we wouldn't had the chance to laugh that much. This made me think of all those moments in time during childhood when half of the them were related with hard times but full of joy and fun. I've been sleeping in cold, eating horrible things, getting through physical challenges and pain; razed by a family which teach me how to manage things on my own, but those points in life although they were hard, they were surrounded by happiness also. I wish I could keep this thoughts every time I'm down or think that life didn't brought me enough money to enjoy life and hope that "you" ( who reads my blogs ) never think that only money will bring you happiness. No ... make it worth every single moment :with or without money.

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