Sunday, 3 April 2011

Inspiration from Cluj



I'm happy to remark the evolution in Cluj's fashion . There are few people who wear stand-out outfits and few you can see on the streets. Are people afraid to put their own signature? are cloths hard to get? do Romanians have good tastes in fashion? I think it's a mixture of all. Probably it didn't pasted enough time since Communism, when our parents did not had diversity and choices ( most of the time they were making their own clothes), so we didn't grow-up in a mature fashion world. Every time I have the chance to go at Vintage or handmade Fairs I can feel inspired and delightful to see so many beautiful people inside-out. So, I decided to show you people I meet and their special outfits.


Anonymous said...

lovely! si eu remarcat outfitul Biancai (de fiecare data ;))

SunnySideUP said...

mersi. tot ce face bianca e foarte deosebit si cu bun gust facute ... sper sa apari si tuh pe blogul meu cat de curand , daca e ok..mersi de comment

Bloomy Neighborhood said...

multumesc fetelor !