Thursday, 10 February 2011

My collection ~belts

Hi everyone !! Thank you all for watching my blog . I finally put together and photographed my own small collections . So, I decided to start with Belts . I began to collect this items when I first bought the second belt from the first picture in America . Then my brother who's a big fan himself started to bring me interesting models of belts, then every time I see a nice cheap belt , I buy it . My collection is not that big , although I did not showed you all of them . Hope you like them and let me know which is your favorite . Have a lovely day and good mental health ( as Fraiser from the TV serial with the same name , would say ).


Mina said...

The first large belt is gorgeous! :)

mihaela said...

HEHEHE it's one of my first requisitions .. it looks great with everything ...kisses