Thursday, 3 February 2011

Blogger's world

So, funny to find such photos . This is the world of bloggers ;no matter what we do , where we are and what time it is , we spend at least half an hour checking how many viewers or comments we have , or for inspiration . It's so great to see how Gabriele Herman catch this precious moments .
Because I'm working from home most of this moments are home , in front of my desk or on the couch in my livingroom. Do you have funny memories of things that happened when you were blogging?


Anda said...

I'm not blogging because it's so booring to try and upload everything and oh well O_o
But I constantly follow your blog and I love what I see <3
Hugs and kisses

mihaela said...

you don't have to have a blog . I agree that it takes a lot of time with researching, posting and promote it..but it's something that I like doing in this period , but to tell you the truth when you begin you never stop . When you see that people watch your blog , it makes you bring more interesting posts. Thank you so much for reading my blog and I'm so waiting for that day when you come in Cluj and spend some time together xxoo