Monday, 18 October 2010

Office Design

Hello again !! how are you ? I just checked my blog today , as usual, and one of my very good friend ,asked me to post some office designs. It was a challenge as I didn't remember seeing so many images reveling this topic . It's very hard to be creative when there are so many things to be considered . But , I do remember that one day I found this images and I was totally amazed how clever and tastefully this office design looks . So , here their are so ideas for you and for those interested .

I hope you'll find some elements of inspiration from them and hope that one day you'll have a space like this . I know you have a small space now but you can change it just by repainting it or add some original peaces on the walls . Write something funny on the wall or take some pictures of you and your colleagues and transform them in patterns .


Mina said...

Excellent! Thank You! :)

mihaela said...

I will try to post more ideas as soon as I will find something original're welcome