Sunday, 17 October 2010

My new boutique

I always dreamed to have my one "studio shop" . A space to create and sell my designs . Unfortunately in this time of recession I do not have enough courage to start fulfilling my dream . That doesn't mean that a should give up . I will just wait for the right moment and start with small steps :first I made a blog where I can sell my new creations . I posted just a sample of what I will offer and hope soon I will release it officially as I didn't broth together to many peaces . Excited to give you the big news soon and hope some of you will buy something .


Mina said...

Stii ce mi-ar placea sa vad? Un post despre design de birouri :D hehe

Alice said...

omg, you did this flowers? super cute! Hope you gonna like my new ones too!

mihaela said...

I sell them if your or your friends are interested ...I was surprised too seeing this beauties ..:D