Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Color your life

Soon the sun will lose his power and in his place the moon will bring us cold nights . Inspired by Creature Comfort blog I wanted to bring back the summer feeling already missed . I'm not a big fan of yellow but these images are so full of life and happiness . I'm tired of seeing people wearing dark colors and cities full of gray blocks . Romania needs to leave through colors , needs to be bold and funny . Lets leave all the hard days behind and enjoy life a little bit more . As long as we are healthy , we shouldn't worry . Close your TV and read a book , walk in the park , cook or paint ...just do something with your life !! and don't wait for things to come .

Create Memories !!!!

Past - you can't bring it back
Future - its a mystery
Present - we call this like this because indeed its a "present" - a gift

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