Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Diary vs Blog/Facebook

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We used to keep all our thoughts and memories to ourselves..
in a small notebook, called : Diary. 
It was a monologue helped by 
ink and paper. 
We liked it a lot because it was always hidden, it was just ours
and nobody else had access to it. 
We were the only ones who knew what was going on in our mind and soul..
and we were afraid to share it. We wanted to keep
all our happy/bad moments safe.... 
We were so happy to read it after a period of time
and analyze it. It was our Treasure. 

What happened?

Now.. it's opposite..  
We share absolutely everything to everyone. 
We post it on blogs and Facebook wall. 
We take pictures or share a song. 
We are like a open book .. anybody can read and know everything 
we are, feel or dream of. The thing is that we change the reality a bit, we wrap it so it will look good.

Question: why we do this?

Due to many reasons, I guess.. sincerity, frustration,
jealousy, show off, loneliness, fun, professional reasons etc.
Definitely, internet was the "small wheel". 

Question: is this OK?  

I don't think so ... at least for those who are too exposed.
Keep all the problems to ourselves is, in a way, dealing with them.
It's healthy to let a friend/lover/family member/psychologist  know about them...but to strangers? 

Probably, one of the main problem that brought us here is that we aren't satisfied if one person is there for us.. 
we aren't pleased if you receive feedback just from your close one.. we always need more... 

Of course we feel great to see how many people care,
how many know about us, like what we do, or admire us....
 But, this not reflects in our everyday life? Don't we find
ourselves fighting with lovers because he/she wasn't
too excited about our small achievements? 

Are we happy of how we look, or do ,if no one reacts to it? 

I see myself in this desperate situation of trying 
to feel my life with a lot of things ( so I can forget about others)as posting everything I think of on my FB wall, 
and trying to stop this because this brings other negative 
side with it.

Suggestion: close your blog/Facebook or any type of online
communication for at least 1 week. Observe what happens.
  You might discover how many moments you've missed.

We should do this at least twice a week. To listen to yourself,
to focus on your own feelings and learn how to keep 
a secret. 

The Secret: keep it simple.

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