Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Love is Sweet at Happy Decor Boutique

Photos by: patakiphotography 
Model: Gabriela Popescu
Location and Decoration: Happy Decor Boutique
Chef : Torok Evelyn 

Hi, there! how was your Valentine's Day? I was never  a big enthusiast of this day, but this year was a special one. I had to prepare my shop for the "celebration of love". My friend Evelyn came with the idea of  a shooting in the Boutique and to have as theme "Love is Sweet". She brought yummy cupcakes and cookies, Mihai came with a nice camera and talent, I added some ideas here and there and Gabriela filled the room with joy and light ( she has an amazing bright smile :) ) . The atmosphere was so nice because of the music : Candymen, Love is in the Air and Moulin Rouge soundtrack. We had a brilliant day so the pictures came pretty amazing. Some continued the Valentine's Day (Tuesday )dancing for few hours and singing lowed.
Thank you girls. You mean a lot to me and you make me laugh like crazy all the time . xoxox

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